Open excel chart from template


Hi Laurence, we have a question on how to use the chart class in aspose.cells.

Our model opens the template which has a Chart embedded. How can we access to that chart and change the scale of that chart?

Thank you


What do you mean “change the scale of that chart”? Could you elaborate your need? A sample file and screenshots will help me to understand your need. Thank you.


Say the attached is the template we are going to use, which has an embedded chart. How can we change the scale of the X and Y axis? For example, change the original maximum X value to 10000 on the X axis. I don't know the syntax, but my vision will be like

public sub changeChart(byval userInputMaxX as int32)

Dim excelApp as aspose.cells.excel

Dim ws as excelApp.worksheets(0)

Dim chart as Aspose.cells.chart = ws.existing chart

chart.X.scale.maximum = userInputMaxX

End sub


This feature is not supported yet. I will check if we can make it in the future release.