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Open PDF- search & replace- then save?


I’m considering using Aspose.PDF for .NET for a particular project. The functionality need includes opening an existing PDF document, search for the tags such as “[[CLIENT_NAME]]” and replace it with the client’s name. Can this be accomplished using Aspose.PDF for .NET? Thanks.

Thanks for considering Aspose.

There is another component named Aspose.Pdf.Kit designed to operate on existing pdf document which may match your requirment. Please read the following online API document for details:

Please give us more content about your needs because we are not sure if current functionalities Aspose.Pdf.Kit providing can bring you satisfactions. Also you can provide a sample pdf file which acts as a well-defined explaination of your needs.

Thanks, Kevin. The functionality described by the link appears to be exactly what we need.

Is that functionality not available in Aspose.PDF? Any way to hack/rig Aspose.PDF to do what I need?

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.Pdf.Kit are two different component. In brief, Aspose.Pdf is an engine for pdf document creation on the fly, Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a tool kit providing powerful functions to edit existing pdf documents.

I think you may firstly experience Aspose.Pdf.Kit trial version. If it meet your need, you can contact our sales department for buying a license.


I have looked into ReplaceText function in online help: here is a extraction of the text which ment that it’s beta version and may not work for Some pdf’s.
Could you sugest us How to create PDF files so that ReplaceText feature worked 100%? then we can tell our customers to create PDFs in that way.


NOTE: This
is Beta version of ReplaceText. The feature may not be supported well
for some PDF files and we may be not able to fix it in short time.



As far as I know, there is no such product or tools could precisely handle the bottom level PDF operators, or definately describe the filter and argrithms, ..., when creating a PDF file. So, I am afaid that we are not able to suggest how to create PDF files which could be insured to work properly with the replacing text feature.

What we can do for this feature is trying to distinguish the right operators(and/or filters, argrithms, other factors) from various of them, and then we could take the proper way. It is not quite easy(even in the Adobe Acrobat, the replacing text feature is not quite stable). So, we say in our docmentation, that this feature is still in the Beta phase and we may not be able to fix it in short time.

Anyway, we will try to enhance the feature step by step. Your understanding will be greatly appreciated.