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Open Secure Links in the Emails


We are using Aspose component in our .Net based program that converts Emails received in Mailbox.

We also receive Emails with Secure links in it. Is there a way we can sue Aspose to open the secure links in it programatically. We know the username/password to log in to the secure link. After logging in, we need to be able to download the emails. Please let us know if we can achieve this using the Aspose.


Hi Anish,

Thanks for writing to us.

I am afraid to inform you that I couldn’t find any such information in Aspose.Email documentation. As you know that Aspose.Email requires certain information about the mail server to retrieve the emails, I am not sure if this information will be contained in your sample email for retrieval by our API.

I would request you to provide us a sample email message that contains such a secure link. We will analyze it and assist you further as soon as possible.

PS: Make sure that you mark this thread private if the sample email message contains some restricted information that you don’t want to share with other people.

Hi Kashif,

Unfortunately, we are not able to share the Secure Email that we had. I am still trying to get one that I can share with your team. Can you tell me what kind of information you are looking for? All you need is the Exchange Server Info that is used to generate these Secure Emails?


Hi Anish,

Thanks for writing us back again.

I have analyzed the scenario and want to share my findings as per my understanding because there is no sample email available.

There are two options as follows:

  1. Secure link is present there in the message body. In this case mail body parsing is required programmatically and then further processing can be done using this link, user name and password.

  2. Second option is that this link is present there in mail as custom or secret header. This can be an easier way of extracting secure link from the mail and then using it for getting mails from the link. Here no parsing is required and Aspose.Email component can be effectively used to get the required information.

Please have a look at the following links which describe the usage of custom and secret mail headers.

Extracting Email Headers

Customizing Email Headers

How do I add custom headers to my email?

How do I add secret header to my email?

Please feel free to write us back if you have any further queries.

Hi Kashif Iqbal,

Thanks for you reply,

We checked that but not find out any information related to our post.
Here our question is , Is there any way ,using Aspose component to parse the the email body and process through the secure link by giving username and password.

And one more thing , do you required any other information like email server.


Hi Anish,

Sorry for not making it clear properly.

The earlier links, that I suggested, were for a work around method, as I don’t find any such feature supported by Aspose.Email where the message body could be parsed and information be extracted for such processing.

If the sender can embed the email server URL in any of the headers (as suggested in my earlier post), then such information can be retrieved using Aspose.Email and processed ahead. I hope this clears my viewpoint. Please feel free to write back if you have need any further information in this regard.