Open word doc in use

Received : 2007/12/14 07:09:55
When a Word document is opened i cannot open the same document with Aspose.:
The error is:
The process cannot access the file ‘\sx2\cv\H200.rtf’ because it is being used by another process.
Is it possible to open it in readonly mode or do you have another suggestion?
When i used microsoft word (VB-automated) this problem did not ocurred.

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I actually have the same problem using the .NET version but not in the JAVA version.
I also would like to open a document with Aspose.Words that is already opened.

Thanks for your request. You can open document already opened in MS Word using Aspose.Words if this document is opened in MS Word in read only mode. If document is opened by MS Word in read only mode then MS Word doesn’t lock this file and you can open it.
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When a Word doc is opened not in readonly modus then when someone else tries to open the samen document then the user is requested to open the document in readonly modus.
When using Word automation you are able to open the document in readonly modus directly so then you can read the document indepent of the question if someone else has opened the document.
pseudo code:

document ="d:\test.doc",openreadonly)

I think i like a same type of option in Aspose.Words (which i think is a great component :-))