Opening Uploaded Excel File in Streams



I've an application which allows users to upload Excel file to the server. The application will then need to read the contents of the Uploaded Excel file and update into database.

I do not have the rights copy the uploaded file to the server and read the contents from the copied file.

I'm thinking of opening the uploaded file as a stream and read the contents from there.

I tried to follow the codes in your website on Methods for opening Excel file in streams.. but does not seem to work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Desmond,

Could you please post your sample code here? Are you using Aspose.Excel or Aspose.Cells? If Aspose.Excel, which version are you using?


Hi Laurence,

Ok we managed to resolve the issue .. some syntax errors on our part. thanks very much.

Just want to understand about the importDataGrid ... this method is to import into Excel the data from DataGrid right ?

Is there any method to Export From Excel to Datagrid ?

I know there is a method to export from Excel to DataTable ..




You can export data to DataTable and bind your datagrid with this datatable.


Ok thank you very much.