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Out of memory error when loading over 1 Gb PST file with multiple 41m attachments

Try to read a large PST file with large attachment. The code is simple:

Here is my test result:

No of Messages File Size Memory Time to read PST
95 1032m 4g 30 sec
95 1032m 4.9g 10 sec
96 1075m 4.9g 120 sec
98 1164m 4.9g 10 min

If I add more messages with 41m attachments to the PST file, it will run for very long time and eventually crashes with memory error.

I can not find a way to avoid the crash. Please help!

Hi Chao,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

I have tried to re-produce the scenario by reading a large PST file (size 3GB) having around hundreds of messages and it took about 58 milliseconds to load here. My test system memory is 3GB and its a 32 bit system.

Could you please send us the source messages which can be used to create the PST and then test the scenario mentioned above? It will help us to observe the issue and provide assistance as soon as possible.

I think the issue is related to attachments. Can you create email with large attachments(>40m) and add 20 of the emails to existing PST file ? I can not send you our original test PST file because of privacy concern. I have to create a fake one. Maybe it is easier for you to do it.

can you try it one 64 bits system. We use 64 bits system.

Hi Chao,

I have re-tested this issue on a 64-bit system at my end with the latest version of Aspose.Email for Java 4.4.0 but was still unable to face any such issue. This time I have created a PST file with a sample message that has 104 MB attachment in it. The message has been added to the PST 25+ times as per your advice. The saved PST was reloaded and no such exception was faced. It seems that the issue is specific to your environment or specific PST which we’ll be in need of to reproduce this issue at our end and assist you accordingly.

Could you please try at your end as shown here and let us know your feedback?

PS: My system has 8GB of Ram and windows 7 installed on it.

I made a test PST file and can reproduce the issue. it is about 2gb size. How can I transfer to you ? just use File attachment here ?

Hi Chao,

Aspose File attachment doesn’t allow to upload a file larger in size than 10 MB. Please upload it to some free online storage space such as Google Driver, Sky Drive or Dropbox and provide us with the download link of the file here. We’ll download the file for our investigation and assist you further.

PS: If the data is of private nature, you may mark this thread as private so that it is not accessible to users other than Aspose staff.

here is the link: http://1drv.ms/1wCO0XT

Hi, Kashif,

can you get the PST file ?

Hi Chao,

Yes I am downloading the PST file and will let you know when downloading is completed.

Hi Chao,

I am unable to download this file as the download process breaks after some time. I would request you to please split the file in small parts (this can be done using Winrar) and re-upload it so that it can be downloaded at my end. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

here is new link to a folder containing 4 files:


use 7zip to merge them. 7zip is completely free.

Let know when you done.


Hi Chao,

The download is currently in process. We’ll update you here once the download is complete and we investigate the issue at our end. If we face any issue with the download, we’ll write back to you.