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Output Blank Line from xml data


Would like to output multiple blank line between

elements in my PDF output. Can you tell me where I would find the XML control that would accomplish my task? I have tried empty which did not work and I found another similar request that said to use but that crashes the PDF.XmlBind() call.



Thank you for contacting support.

Please refer to the sample below and then share your kind feedback with us.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Document xmlns="Aspose.Pdf">
<Page id="mainSection">
<TextSegment id="boldHtml">segment1</TextSegment>
<br />
<TextSegment id="strongHtml">segment2</TextSegment>

We hope this will be helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.


No your example above does not work, the br/ has no effect. I have uploaded my sample which uses your example here: (158.5 KB)

The first file network.xml is my data file The second network.xsl is the translation file and the third network.pdf is the output generated by the Aspose.Pdf.Document.BindXmol(xmlStream, xslStream) method. As you will see the line breaks are not present.

I am in great need of some kind of documentation on what tags/elements are available and the syntax of said commands. Is there anything on your web site that I can use? Your examples though few and limited in number are not helpful other than for the most basic tags.



We have investigated further and would like to update you that using #$NL will add the line break. We have modified your sample file so please share your kind feedback after testing it. Moreover, we understand that our documentation needs to be improved from XML to PDF conversion perspective so we will soon be improving it further.


Thank you for the response as this does do the line break. Can you tell me if the value #$NP would give me a page break? Or possibly #$PB for page break? Can you please point to the section in the docs that list all the #$?? commands I have access to.



We have checked that #$NP or #$PB do not insert page break. However, you may insert pages with
Page tag like the first page is added.

	<Page id="mainSection2">
	<PageInfo IsLandscape="true">
		<DefaultTextState Font = "Arial Unicode MS" FontSize="12" LineSpacing="4"/>
		<Margin Left="20" Right="20" Top="20" Bottom="30" />

Moreover, we are afraid such a list may not exist at the moment. Therefore, we have logged an investigation ticket with ID PDFNET-46411 in our issue management system for further investigations. We will enlist supported replacement symbols as soon as the ticket will be resolved, and will notify you accordingly.