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Overlapping the text in cell

Hi Aspose Team,

We are facing an issue with aspose word. We are putting a Stroke (line) in center of cell. It appear fine when we preview the single element in document but when we generate the document with all element, it appear a overlapping the position (at the top of cell). But when we zoom it 120%, then appear fine.

I am attaching the report with hightlighted area. Please check it and let us know ASAP.

If you need anything else from our side, kindly let us know.


Hello Ravindra,

Thanks for your request. Could you please provide me more information? Also could you please attach you input document and code example here for testing? I will check them and provide some feedback.

Best regards,


Thank you for additional information. But unfortunately, it is still not quite clear how to generate a document like yours. It would be great if you create a simple application that will allow us to reproduce the problem.

Best regards,