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Override Document.Save


I'm currently evaluating Aspose Words and have a question.

I want to override the saving process to modify the conversion from Docx to FixedDocument (xaml). Since I know Aspose needs to strip the Content Controls from the original document, I would like to restore them with my own wpf custom code that is displayed into the DocumentViewer control. Is this possible? If so, how could this be done?


Thanks for your request. No, there is no such possibility. The only way to modify output produced by Aspose.Words is post-processing of the output documents, i.e. you should save the document using Aspose.Words, then open the resulting file with your code and post-process it.

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That could be done, but I’m now left with the mess of finding where the content controls originally resided. This is not easy. I would need the ability to keep these content controls existing beyond the conversion point.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I suppose you could try pre-processing the document as well so that any content controls are marked with a special tag that can be easily found later on.

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