$p and $P page numbers



I updated the Aspose.PDF dll to the last version Creating PDF files using my XML templates having the $p and $P on the footer with BindXML I no more get the page number but the $p instead in the created document.

Are them no more supported? is it a bug?

Everything worked with the previous releases.

I'm a registerd user thus I would like to be noticed when new release comes up and what are the news in it. I wouldn't poll your site searching info. I also discovered that the MarginRight is no more supported with the new release when creating a PDF as usual when I got a .NET exception error.It took a lot of time to discover it an fix by changing my templates.

Now i can't release my new PDF since the $p is shown instead of the page number.

Please advise urgently, thanks



Dear vmax,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

The two properties you used are supported in the latest version.

Could you please provide us the codes which can reproduce those two errors?

We will investigate it and respond you soon.