PAdES signing issue of documents produced by Aspose

Hello everybody, I found some similar issues on the forum, but I am not sure if they are dealing with the same problem I am having.

We have a product which generates PDF files with some embedded attachments, using the following Aspose products for .NET:

[Aspose.Words] - []
[Aspose.Pdf] - []

Our problem is that we are unable to digitally sign these documents using PAdES (with an external digital signature software). The error message we get (translated from Italian reads something like “Error during the creation of the revision”).

I am wandering if this is the same issue referenced by enhancement ticket PDFNET-42596 and, in that case, if it has been resolved in more recent Aspose relaeses.

Otherwise, any suggestion on this problem?

Thank you in advance,
Marco Floriani


I regret to inform that ticket PDFNET-42596 is still pending for investigation. However, we have logged your requirements under the ticket as well and will share our feedback once any progress is made in this matter. I request for your patience.

Thank you, Adnan.

To give you more insight into this problem, I will add three files:

  • Saved_by_ASPOSE.pdf – is the file originally produced using the Aspose products, which is not possible to sign;
  • Saved_as_by_ADOBE_READER.pdf – is the same file, opened with Adobe Reader X, re-saved with that product (Save as…); the resulting file is smaller than the original one and it can be signed;
  • Saved_as_by_ADOBE_READER_signed.pdf – is the second file digitally signed with PAdES signature.

Thanks again,

Saved_by_ASPOSE.pdf (1.8 MB)
Saved_as_by_ADOBE_READER.pdf (1.7 MB)
Saved_as_by_ADOBE_READER_signed.pdf (1.8 MB)


We have mentioned details shared by you in ticket. However, can you please share sample code snippet which you are using to generate PDF document. This would help us in investigation accordingly.