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Page break dilema

I’m having trouble with page breaks, I use the vb code to add a page break on my spreadsheet at row 49 and for some reason a there is a second page break at row 50 when it comes to printing. I can only assume that excel is adding this automatically for some reason.

The template is blank with repositioned column widths and doesn’t have any preset page breaks.

Has anyone else came across this problem? More importantly did you find a way around it?


Dear Steg,

Thanks for your consideration.

Could you send your sample code, template and result file to me? Thus I can investigate what caused this problem.

Dear Steg,

I find the problem and fix it. Tomorrow the new hot fix will be released.

Thanks for your patience.

Dear Steg,

Please download hot fix 1.6.3. This problem is solved.

But I modify the routine of set page break. Previously if you insert page break on a cell, it will be added in the lower-right to the cell. Now I change it to upper-left to the cell, same as MS Excel. So you have to slightly change your code.

And in your designer file, you have already set a page break on row 49.