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Page breaks and section breaks

We are using SSRS to produce documents to be sent to customers.

A document to a Customer can consist of a number of pages. It has a covering letter and a list of repairs placed (for eg). typically a document consists of 2 pages.

Therefore we need the document to consist of page breaks and section breaks.

A section break seperates the document to different Customer.

The default setting does not produce any section breaks.

How can I configure aspose to do this.

basically I need to have a section break where there are 3 page breaks

see attached document

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Thank you for your inquiry. The page breaks insertion logic is being reworked in the forthcoming Aspose.Words for Reporting Services 3.0. Please attach your RDL report to test, I will make sure it renders correctly with this version.

I see you would need page and section breaks within the same document, but how should the exporter decide which one to insert (page or section)? If you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them here.


the section break should occur after the table showing repairs. A section should contain the header page and one or more pages containing the repairs listing. These together should constitute a section.

I am wondering if I can put section breaks within SSRS.

have attached the RDL



Thank you for additional info. I do understand what you would like to achieve, but my question was, how should the product's logic determine whether to insert a page or section break? The RDL specification does not contain a notion of section breaks, there are page breaks before or after certain report items only. So in the resulting document they may be transformed either to page breaks or section breaks.

I basically like the idea of implementing some "smart" logic that produces a document with sections split into pages based on some condition, but I can't find out this condition for a general case. If you could suggest it for a generic RDL report, I'd be glad to implement it.



could you add possibility to add section breaks to report? It might be done by setting ToolTip of textbox, in the same way as you put TOC or set STYLE to text. It would be very helpful. I really need such finctionality: few pages in portrait layout, 2 pages for charts and summaries in landscape layout, few pages in portrait layout.

ToolTip => SectionBreak="Portrait"

or => SectionBreak="Landscape"

if you leave "SectionBreak" there should be added only section break without changing layout. It would be veeeeeery very helpful



Do anybody read it?


Sorry for late reply: we must have missed your request. I will try to implement what you are asking, but I think the instruction should not insert a break. Instead, it should tell the renderer that there should be section breaks after each page and it should specify what type of page layout should be in the current section. Do you agree?


It is rather good idea. Could you describe precisely how it will be done? By setting insert page brake after option on rectange and setting on next rectangle tooltip that current section is in landscape?