Page cannot be displayed


I have 100 users that can click a link and get an Aspose generated Excel file without any problems. I have one user (obviously machine specific) that is receiving the page cannot be displayed error within their web browser when clicking on the link. All machines are using WinXP pro sp2 with IE6. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Mike,

I think this problem may be caused by his IE's security settings. When you use OpenInBrowser or OpenInExcel option in Excel.Save method, Aspose.Excel sends the generated file as binary data to client browser. Maybe his IE forbids such an action.

You can suggest him to lower the security level to see what caused his problem.


Thanks for the suggestion. I reduced the IE security settings to Low (the lowest possible setting) and did not have any success.


Which version of MS Excel is installed in that user's machine? Does he install all windows patches? Do you see the open or save window when you click the link? Could you try to save that file on his local disk when you see that window?


It is Excel 2000. All windows patches and updates have been applied including sp2. The open / save window does not appear, so we can’t save it to disk.


If all windows patches and updates are installed, the open/save window should appear. It appears in all of your other machines, right?

If possible, could you please re-install Excel2000 in that machine?

And could you please post the screenshot of error?


The open/save window does appear on all of the other machines. I will reinstall Excel in the next day or so and let you know what happens. I've attached a screen shot of the error after clicking on the link.


Really a strange problem. I never met it before.

Please open Windows Explorer, in tools->option->file type, please check if xls file is linked to MS Excel.


Laurence thanks for your help! The user has left for the day and I will try him tomorrow.


No Luck. The file association is correct. Still working on getting the excel disk from our IT guy.


It must be related to some settings on that machine. You may try to create a simple web application without Aspose.Excel to figure out what may caused this problem.

FileStream fs1 = new FileStream("c:\\book1.xls", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read);
byte[] data1 = new byte[fs1.Length];
fs1.Read(data1, 0, data1.Length);

this.Response.ContentType = "application/xls";
Response.AddHeader( "content-disposition","inline; filename=book1.xls");