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Page Field on Pivot Tables

I am creating an excel workbook from scratch that is utilizing pivot tables. After I create the workbook using aspose and open the workbook using Excel 2000 the page pivot field on my table is unaccessible.

If I open the workbook and manually remove the page field and add it back I can then see the drop down for the pages on the pivot table. This only happens when I try to open the workbook in 2000. Newer versions of excel do not have this problem. The issue we have is that we have to support 2000 for the individuals that will be receiving the workbook.

I have attached screen shots to show how the drop down in my page field is missing.
excel1.jpg - drop down missing
excel2.jpg & excel3.jpg - was able to add it back manually

We are on aspose.cell version

Also attached is my code generating the workbook and the resulting workbook.

Matt Little

Additional Attachment

Additional Attachment

Additional Attachment (workbook with the problem)

Additional Attachment (code)


Thanks for the template file with screen shots to show the issue.

Yes, after some initial testation, we found the issue is concerned only with Excel 2000 as the page field is accessible and the table is fine opening in other version of Excel like 2002, 2003 and 2007.

We will figure out the issue soon.

Thank you.


Please try this fix.