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Page # in footer

How do I put a page number in the footer of a section? I saw some reference to using p$ on the forum, but if I put that into the text of the footer it just appears as p$. Also, are there any other special character combinations like p$ that are available?

Also, are there any formatting options for page number ? What I really need is lower case roman numerals for the TOC section and then standard digits such as 1, 2, 3... for the main section of the document.



Dear Jerry,

Please refer to Replaceable Symbols at

Only standard digit number is supported in the current version. I will support number style later.

Thanks very much. That was helpful. One other question regarding footers: I need to align the footer so that it looks something like:

Company Name page n 12/16/2005

The company name is aligned left, the page number is center, and the date is aligned right.

I can't seem to do this with segment textInfo alignments. How can this be done?



You can use a table with 3 columns.