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Page Numbering When Creating Template with Word 2000

We have a word template created in MS Word 2000. The page numbering is in the footer of the document. Before the merge, the page numbering works correctly. After the merge, the page number displays, for example, as page 1 of 2 on all footers. Someone in the forum had a similar issue, but it did not say how they ended up resolving the issue. I am attaching our template for your review. Please keep our template confidential. Please Thanks


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Don’t worry, nobody except Aspose can access your attachments.

1. In which MS Word version are you opening the document after the merge?
2. Did you try to update the fields (by pressing Ctrl-A and then F9) after the merge?
3. If possible, please attach the resulting document (having the issue), too.

We are using MS Word 2000 to open the documents after the merge. We are also password protecting the documents as part of the merge process because we don’t want users to change the documents after the merge.

The update the fields will not work because the document is password protected after the merge.

I am attaching a copy of the document after the merge is complete.


Try to temporarily comment out the code responsible for setting the protection - will the field updating help then? If so, we unfortunately have nothing to suggest because it seems that in Word 2000 you should perform this manually anyway.