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PageSetup.Zoom and Range.SetOutlineBorder


I’ve been using the demo version of your Aspose.Excel control for a few weeks now and have a few questions.

1) In the demo, does PageSetup.Zoom work? I noticed that PageSetup.Orientation does, yet you specify in your product list that only the corporate and professional allow for ‘Page Setup’.

2) Does the Range.SetOutlineBorder affect the underlying style? I have several different styles that I’m using and if I change a particular range of cells to use borders, all cells using that style are bordered.



Dear Todd,

Laurence is temporarily out and he will be back this weekend.

Thanks for your patience.

Dear Todd,

Thanks for your consideration.

1) In the demo, all PageSetup methods or properties can work. It’s a full functional demo. If you want to buy a license, you have to buy professional or corporate edition. Please refer to Edition types.

2)Please download hotfix and have a try.