Paragraph indendations get lost


Problem: Paragraph indendations get lost after creation of a presentation when it is re-opened after saving to disk.

Paragraph indendations (generally used with bulleted text) can be set in templates. After the presentation is created by Aspose, it “looks” as if indentations are set, but in fact they are not there (when you take a look at the ruler). When saving the presentation to disk and opening it again, the indentations get completely lost.

Is there any solution for this problem?



Dear Thorsten,

Please attach example of such ppt file. Source ppt of course.


Dear Alexey,

there is no source ppt, I create ppt's from xml-files.

The problem I encountered is the following: I format bulleted paragraphs in my template-presentation by setting indents on the ruler. After Aspose has filled my template-ppt with contents from my xml-file one can see that the bulleted paragraphs are indented. But in fact there is no indent on the ruler! And after saving the presentation and reloading, the paragraphs are non longer indented - because the indent really never was there, I guess.

So how can the paragraph be shown indented when there is no indent in Powerpoint? And why doesn't Aspose accept the format for the indent?

In tables it works fine: Bullets with indent are taken to the final presentation.



Ok, can you give me example how you create ppt from xml file (especially how you make text indented)

and any created ppt file.


I am sorry, but I can't give you any sources because it is a project for a company and therefore it is confidential.

I have an xml-file with nodes called “blocks”. Every block represents a topic which later should be placed on one slide. To set the format of the final presentation I have a template-presentation that has representing template-slides for each of those blocks because every block shall be formatted differently. I pass both files to my powerpointgenerator-project. There I parse the xml-file and try to find the appropriate template-slide for each block. When I find it, I place shapes according to the elements inside the block on my template-slide.

I thought it would be Aspose’s task to format the shapes according to the format of the shapes on my template-slide. Can you tell me if that’s right? Or do I have to implement this on my own?




If you simply add new paragraphs and portions it will have default formatting and you have to set everything by yourself.

But if you use copy constructor formatting will be saved in the new objects.


Could you tell me which variable stores indent information?

I think I am completely lost because I can't find it...