ParagraphFormat.IsListItem - bulleted or numbered?


For existing paragraph,
using “.ParagraphFormat.IsListItem”, I can found is it paragraph bulleted/numbered list or not.
How can I found list type for paragraph (bulleted or numbered)?
(like in Aspose.Slides: BulletType.Numbered, BulletType.Symbol)



It's easy, you should just attend to paragraph's ListFormat:

if (para.IsListItem)


NumberStyle style = para.ListFormat.ListLevel.NumberStyle;

// ...


The NumberStyle enumeration is quite big but I guess for your purposes it is enough to compare style with NumberStyle.Bullet or NumberStyle.Number.


But “ListLevel” doesn’t exist in “ListFormat”?
Do I use old version?


Apparently so. Please download and install the latest version from our download page.