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Parsing Large Xlsx Files


I am tried to parse 500MB xlsx files using LightCellsDataHandler API, am not creating any other objects but still my heap size grows to 3GB.

Note: in processCell method am just returning false.



Thanks for your query.

If you are loading such a huge file, certain amount of memory will be consumed for sure. Generally 8-10 times or more memory of the size of the file is used (when using in normal mode), so this looks to me ok. By the way when you load such a big file into Ms Excel manually, it too takes memory and takes more lot of time to load it into MS Excel.



We evaluated your issue further. For processing common template file with LightCells, the memory cost should not be so large as you pointed out. Please send us the runnable code and template file and we will make further investigations and try to figure your issue out.