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Passing the values to CanvasSave.aspx.cs

Hello Technical Team

We are testing the application which you have provided as a sample and also online “


We are trying to pass the values from external locations to this file and it seems this entire structure is making me go haywire…

In the sample application you have provided for tests I have deleted the above mentioned file to check the updates and your application seems to work without any issues.

When I’m referring your samples to make sure its working… I get worried that I’m failing to understand how this would get me collaborative…

Tech team who wrote this beautiful solution, can someone guide me “CanvasSave.aspx.cs” how is this file associated inside the system and how can i pass values inside this file from your editor.js

I would like to pass values say custom INPUT / OUTPUT or Image file name …


Hi Kayala,

Thanks for contacting support.

I am trying to contact the respective developer and as soon as I have some further updates, I will let you know.

HI Beautiful Programmer Nayyer

That would be great to have the information… Once these things are done we do the final tests and buy the licence… so kindly make sure we can get in touch with them.

Hi Kayala,

Sorry for the delayed response.

I am still trying to get hold of respective developer who created this sample application and have asked him to share the required details. As soon as I have the required information, I will let you know.

Hi Kayala,

Thanks for your patience.

I have further discussed the scenario and following are the details gathered from respective developers.

  1. CanvasSave.aspx.cs is the file for the server side operation.

    First you need to understand the flow of the application. Editor has front end which is HTML5 Canvas and a back-end which is ASP.NET & C#. Without ConvasSave.aspx.cs, you may be able to do all the things on the front end like add text to canvas, draw something, but those won’t get reflected on the PDF file or a new file will not be created on save operation, as that will be require back-end coding with Aspose.Pdf for .NET.

  2. Regarding passing the values from Editor.js, well it was implemented using jQuery and the values from editor.js to CanvasSave.cs are passed using jQuery Ajax commands.

Please note that this application was developed a long time ago and no further development / improvements are being introduced in this sample App. So in order to take benefit of API, you need to try using latest release in your project and refer to API documentation section for details on supported features.