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Password etc


I have mentioned passwords in here before. But is there any way possible to set the password to stop modification (like Tools/Options/security/Password to modify) of a file after it has been generated by Aspose and before downloaded.

I want to be able to generate a pps file, and then download it, but not be able to modify it after downloading.

I look forward to your rely

Thanks in Advance


Dear Garry,

You can’t protect presentation from Aspose.PowerPoint but I will investigate such possibility.

Hi Alexey

I Have just had a meeeting with my client.
He really wants to be able to discourage editing by password.
So if we were able to set a password at the end of the creation process he would be a happy man & the you & I would both have a new customer.

I Look forward to any progress you are able to make in this area.

Many Thanks