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Path Colorant Text and Clipping Path


I am testing Aspose.PDF for .NET to see if it is suitable for our use case.

I have downloaded the code samples, searched the www, and wrote some code using the nuget package from nuget.org.

Here are a couple of things I couldn’t achieve:

  1. when creating a path using a Shape, I can specify in the GraphInfo, a color and line width, but no way to set the “Colorant” text. That is a (metadata) string which gets attached to the path, but is not visible in the PDF. Is it possible for Aspose PDF to do that?

  2. I could not find anything in latest version of Aspose PDF about clipping paths. I only found an operator called Clip – and no examples of how it can be used.

Please let me know if the issues above are supported in Aspose PDF, also some code samples would be very helpful. It is imperative that we can achieve these before we can buy the product.

Thank you,


Thanks for contacting support.

Would you kindly share an expected/desired output PDF document with us containing “Colorant” text and clipping paths. We will try to generate similar PDF in our environment using Aspose.PDF and share our feedback with you.

Here I am uploading two pdf files:

  1. sample_colorant.pdf – see the blue rounded rectangle has a “Colorant” text attached to it with the value “CutContourKiss-cut”; in this file, there is also a clipping path (an inflated version of the blue path).

  2. sample_clipping_path.pdf – exact the same path as the blue one above, but it is used as a clipping path, without color, and without any “Colorant” text.

Thank you,

sample_clipping_path.pdf (272.6 KB)
sample_colorant.pdf (278.0 KB)


We are looking into your requirements and will get back to you soon.


We have checked the PDF files that you have shared and found that required features need further investigation. Hence, we have logged an investigation ticket as PDFNET-47948 in our issue tracking system to determine whether your requirements are achievable or not. We will further work to implement these features if things are not doable with current set of features. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you very much, I am looking forward to see these issues added.
I will check this page to follow the progress of your team.



We will surely inform you as soon as the features are available and logged ticket is resolved.