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PDF Cell text issue:font size -font type-color not getting implemented uniformly

Hi Support team,

I have applied cell font type-Arial,Font Size as 7 and Font color-Black, baground color as white
while creating cells in table row.When I do this for large data (say 5 columns and 10 rows)these settings are not getting implemented uniformly on each cell of table.(I have developed code generically and I just set these details only once and it get applied automatically to all cells )

I am using Aspose.pdf version 3.1 .

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks and Best regards,

Hi Ankit,

Thanks for contacting support.

In order to have all the table cells, try setting the Text formatting over table level or you may consider setting the properties on row level. Please try using the following code lines.


//First a input pdf file should be

Table1.getDefaultCellTextInfo().setColor(new aspose.pdf.Color("Black"));



Please take a look over the resultant PDF file which is being generated over my end. We are sorry for this inconvenience.