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PDF Conversion loses xAxis of Chart

I attached Test.pptx which I converted to pdf using aspose. In the pptx there are two charts, the top chart has the xAxis Option "Interval between labels" set to 2. The bottom chart is an exact copy of the top chart with the Option "Interval between labels" set to automatic.

When I generate the PDF using aspose the chart with interval = 2 doesnt have any xAxis labels, the bottom chart looks good, even though it doesnt have the same line wrap as the pptx. When I generate the PDF using the Powerpoint "Save As Adobe PDF" function both charts look perfect.

Attached Files:
- Source Code for generation of PDF using Aspose
- Test.pptx
- AsposeGenerated.pdf
- PowerpointSaveAsPdf.pdf

Hi Martin,

Thank you for sharing the sample application.

I am able to reproduce both of your issues after an initial test. Issues are registered in our issue tracking system and following are the details.

SLIDESNET-35965: X-Axis labels are not showing in the generated PDF file.
SLIDESNET-35966: X-Axis labels are not wrapping in the 2nd chart as are in PPTX file.

We will notify you via this forum thread once the issues get resolved.

Thanks & Regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as SLIDESNET-35965) have been fixed in this update.