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Pdf converted from docx is very slow to open and misses styles


When converting a docx to pdf, I noticed the generated pdf takes very long to open (even if the pdf is only 3kb) and has missing styles from the original document.

var doc = new Document(@“test.docx”);

I’ve attached the documents and outputs for your reference. It took quite long to see the content in the pdf, which is much longer than other pdf files created by Aspose. Also the background colour of the shape is missing in the pdf (see my screenshot)

image.png (44.4 KB) (15.1 KB)

Could you please take a look?



Thanks for your inquiry. We have tested the scenario and have not found the shared issue. Please check the attached image. The issue might be with the PDF reader that you are using at your end.

Thanks for testing, would it be possible to share your output file (18.10.pdf) so I can see if this is an issue with my pdf reader?

Also does it look fine in your pc with my attached testoutput.pdf?



Thanks for your inquiry.

Please check the attached output PDF. 18.10.pdf (2.4 KB)

Yes, testoutput.pdf looks fine at our end. We are using Adobe reader XI. This PDF file also looks fine when it is opened in browser e.g. Chrome, FireFox.

Thanks for your attachment.

Indeed when I opened your attachement and my test file using my Adobe Reader, and the background is missing. And when I opened the files using chrome, I could see the background.

I’m also using Adobe Reader XI (version 11.0.20), could you please advise the version number of yours so I can check which version I need to upgrade to?

image.png (13.0 KB)

Thanks for the help


Thanks for your inquiry. Please check the attached image.