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PDF Creation from excel or word template

Hi, Support

We’re now using Aspose.Total and wondering if Aspose has follow functions.

Our requirement is,

  • Pre-design Excel or Word format template. (logo images, lines, tables objects will be designed on the template. e.g. invoice or statement layout)
  • Set data dynamically into above template through Aspose Java sdk
  • Save it as PDF (or convert to PDF)

Could you please let us know any best practice or guideline?



Thank you for your query. Aspose.Cells for Java can be used easily to achieve this functionality for filling an Excel file dynamically. You can load an existing Excel template file, fill it with data through different options and then save it as PDF. Please have a look at the following articles for your reference and share the feedback.


You can meet these requirements by using Aspose.Words for Java library as well. Please refer to the following secitons of documentation:

In case you have further inquiries or may need any more help, please let us know.

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