PDF creator component evaluation


A customer has contacted us looking for a PDF creator with the following functionality. Will your product do what he wants?

I am evaluating PDF generators available on your website for my project.

(1) Develpment environment is C# .Net 2.0
(2) I wish to develop a web application.
(3) Chart and the text in the PDF are all coming from XML file.
(4) There is a specific requirement of having an scattered chart etc. on our PDF which has tooltip on the specific points on the chart.
(5) I am attaching screenshot of that chart on the PDF with this mail.


Paul Kerr

Dear Paul,

The requirement of this customer can be supported by Aspose.Pdf but the Chart is not supported directly. The customer should use other Chart component such as Aspose.Chart to create the Chart and save it as image. Then he can use add the image into Pdf using Aspose.Pdf.