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Pdf fillable form becomes read only after I do form.fillfield


Why does the fillable pdf form become read only after I run my program using the

aspose.pdf.kit namespace? I want the customer to be able to change something on the form

if they want to....but they are not able to do that.

thank you for you help.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

It's really strange. Could u attach your pdf file? We would like to run a test to find out reasons.

Dear jaydean,

Could you post two things about your problem:

  1. upload your pdf file in the post.
  2. post the code with relation to filling fields. Maybe you flattened the field after you filled it.

Best regards.


Attached is the form template that I use to create a new form.....yes I do flattenAll before I save the form. Does this make it read only? (duh!)

Thank you very much for your help.



That was not form.flattenAllFields....Thank you very very much.


Dear Jaydean,

You are welcome.

To flatten a field means make a field read only.

By the way, we have provide another interface to only flatten the specified fields Form.FlattenField(fieldName). Maybe sometime you will use it.

Best regards.