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PDF from Word file is corrupted


I have a document created from a Word file that results in a corrupted file. It appears to be related to a table on the page.

I’ve attached a source and results document. The corruption is on page 3 of the PDF.

We are running Aspose.Words for .NET version 9.8.0



Thank you for your request
Unfortunately I could not reproduce your problem on our latest product. You can download version 10.0 from here.

Just wanted to pay your attention to the fact that the third page has unnecessary items. If they are removed, the document will be displayed correctly.


Thanks for the response. When I open the file using Acrobat Pro and scroll to page 3 I see the attached error message. We receive files with unnecessary data a lot and this type of corruption creates failures in our workflow. Are the items you pointed out not supported by Aspose?


Thank you for additional information. Could you please attach your input and output document you are getting problem with? I will check them on my side and provide you more information.

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I’m using the same documents from the first post on the 13th.


Hi Nick,

Thank you for additional information. I cannot reproduce the problem on my side using the latest version of Aspose.Words (10.0.0) for testing.

You can download the latest version from here:

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