Pdf.Kit loose JScripts?


Hello, (and sorry for my bad english)

I’m syccesfully used Pdf.Kit to fill my Adobe LiveCycle Designer generated PDF Forms,
but when, I opened output fille, I saw that fonts in static text look like they where set to “Symbol” face type, and another problem, my Java/FormCalc Scripts all are lost : /

Maby enyone know how to fix it?

Output PDF files is almoust 2 times bigger than orginal files, that is normal?

Greetings, and THX for any help.


Hi Darius,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Could u provide the pre-filled PDF Forms, the filled one and your codes which can reproduce errors?

We need to investigate and find out reasons.

Please attach those files here or directly mail to kevin.zuo@aspose.com.


Dear canni,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

Upon now Kit only provide a work around solution for Adobe version 7 +. A complete support will be released much later. As we mentioned in our wiki, it should be used carefully, for it would lose some action, including scripts. In my test, the field will be filled correctly without the jumbled change of static text.

I have some question for you:

1. Has the document been destroyed or changed greatly? When I investigate into the document you uploaded, I was surprised because it is totally different with what I have met. I open it in a text editor, but I could not find any field name in it!

2. If the document is ok, was it produced by Adobe Designer 7.1 ? We did not met any document produced by 7.1 before, so I guess that is the reason lying on.

Additionaly, we are working on the supporting of script, hope it will be released soon.

Best regards.


The input.pdf doc, was produced in the full updated Adobe LiveCycle Designer (v 7.1.2295.1.242059 60-day trial version), I read, that Adobe, had changed the way of field names, maby they had changed more?

Try to download the newest trial of Designer, and see that “new” wersion of PDF forms.



Dear canni,

Thanks for your advice, we will download and have a test on the new version Designer.

Best regards.