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Hello Together,

we currently have a problem to sign a SignatureField. It has the FullName Signature1.17.14.1 and we try to Sign this. The problem is we get always the message “Signature Field 1 is not defined” while try to save the file. If the FullName of the SignatureField is e.g. “Signature1.”, we get the error message “Signature Field 6 is not defined”. Perhapse you make something wrong regarding the partial name vs. full name? If we try the partial name the signature can not be found via “SigName”

public void Sign(string SigName, string SigReason, string SigContact, string SigLocation, Signature sig);

with the fullname the signing process work, but the save of the file create this error message.

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Could you kindly provide your sample PDF document along with complete code snippet that you are using to sign it. We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.