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PDF to DOCX conversion using MS Word

We want to convert a LaTeX PDF to a DOCX file in order to be able to do some proofreading. We’ve been testing the PDF > DOC(x) conversion and the quality is rather poor in comparison with the conversion MS Word does.

MS Word 2013 is able to create a very usable result out of a PDF:
  • Equations are converted to images
  • The text isn’t placed in text areas, but is just there on the page
  • The fonts are detected correctly
Can the PDF > DOCX conversion be improved so we will be able to use the result document?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for using our API’s.

Can you please share your source/input PDF file, so that we can test the conversion in our environment. We are sorry for your inconvenience.

The input PDF files are all type of converted LaTeX files. We would like to convert the LaTeX file to DOCX, to be able to edit it thereafter.

No other company is able to do this, so we hope Aspose is able to do this.

Hi Richard,

In order for us to figure out the actual reasons causing issues during conversion, we need to first test the scenario in our environment. Therefore we requested you to please share some resource files.

Hi Nayyer, this is related for all PDF’s that get converted to DOCX. Improving the conversion quality to a level that MS Word 2013 is able to would be great.

Hi Richard,

We are continuously improving our APIs to meet your expectation and produce the same result as MS Word 2013 does but it will take some time. Not all areas can be improved at the same time however we prioritize issues based on the customers' requests.

If we notice any issue in a PDF and log it and it gets resolved, it will be useful for us and for some other customers but may not be useful for you as every document can have a different structure. If you feel two documents have same issue and we resolve that issue, it is possible that the issue seems resolved for one document but not for other document depending upon the nature of documents.

It is better to share your input documents and issues to help us prioritize your issues and resolve them earlier and according to your expectations. Please share your input documents to reproduce the issues and let us know if you still have any confusion.

Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad, I understand your point of view, so will send a couple of LaTeX PDF’s that are quite hard to convert back to DOCX. We tested that scenario for a couple of customers of us, and concluded that MS Word 2013 currently is the best in doing PDF>DOCX conversions. Hope Aspose will beat that :wink:

Hi Richard,

We will be waiting for resource/sample files from your side, so that we can further investigate the issue in our environment.