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PDF to JPG image

When I use PdfConverter to generate jpegs from a PDF, the text in the PDF is substituted with the font Times New Roman.

Is Aspose.Pdf.Kit able to use fonts embedded in the PDF?

Source PDF:
Converted JPG:

Dim jpgConverter As PdfConverter = New PdfConverter()


Dim prefix As String = "C:\convert\asposetest"

Dim suffix As String = ".jpg"

Dim imageCount As Integer = 1

While jpgConverter.HasNextImage()
jpgConverter.GetNextImage(prefix + imageCount.ToString + suffix, ImageFormat.Jpeg)
imageCount = imageCount + 1
End While


I have tested with Aspose.Pdf.Kit v and was not able to reproduce the error. I have attached the output that I got. Please check to ensure that you are using the latest version.


I downloaded and the fonts are rendered correctly now. Thanks for your assistance!