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PDF to XPS - Conversion times and incomplete conversion


I have downloaded your latest version of Aspose.pdf to evaluate it capability to convert PDF to XPS. I am using the code snippet provided in previous threads:

Aspose.Pdf.Document doc = new Aspose.Pdf.Document("C:\\sample.pdf");
Aspose.Pdf.XpsSaveOptions saveOptions = new Aspose.Pdf.XpsSaveOptions();
FileStream fs = new FileStream("C:\\xpsConverted.xps", FileMode.Create);
doc.Save(fs, saveOptions);

The source PDF document is 1 page.
When I execute the highlighted line it takes 40 seconds to transition to the next line of code.
When I try to execute the highlighted line with a source PDF document of 19 pages it took over 23 minutes and the resulting XPS document had only the first 4 pages. I did not receive any error or timeout; the XPS document truly has only the first 4 pages of the PDF.

1) Do you have any benchmarking stats for your own conversions?
2) Does the conversion process improve significantly with faster hardware?
3) Why does the finished XPS document have only the first 4 pages of the PDF?

FYI, i am using a DELL Optiplex 755
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 @ 3.33GHz
OS: Windows 7 (32bit)

Thank you,

Hi Sirbobby,

Thanks for using our products.

I tried using your code to test your issue but I did not find any issue to convert PDF Document to XPS. I think the poblem is, you are using the evaluation version due to this your output document shows only first 4 pages instead of 23.
Kindly Get a Temporary License and try to convert your template PDF Document to XPS, hopefully it will works fine otherwise send your template document to us. This will help us figure out the issue and reply back to you soon.

Thanks & Regards,

When you say you did not find “any issue”, does that concern only the 4 of 19 pages issue I cited, or also the 23 minutes to produce the resultant XPS document? Even if the 30-day license results in a 19 page document, but still takes 23 minutes, this will not work for my solution.

I will evaluate the run-time and then ping you again concerning benchmarking statistics for conversion times per page.

Hi Robert,

To check the performance issue and limited page printing issue you are facing, please share the template PDF document you are using. This will help us check and figure out the issue.

Thank You & Best Regards,