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PDF writing- BindXXX and ASPX QueryStrings

Hi Aspose

Can you tell me how its possible to have an ASPX page such as page.aspx?visitor=115 which draws data from the database to display some details CONVERTED to PDF. I want to have a button on the page which will convert the page content to PDF and auto email it to a recipient. Is that possibe? Which Bind function would I need?

Your help appreciated..



Thank you for considering Aspose.

This feature is under developing and I hope it will be available late this month. But only simple HTML/aspx can be supported in this version. We will enhance this feature greatly and support CSS in the following 3 months.

Thanks Tommy but Im still not sure from your reply if I can render an ASPX page or not? You say it only supports simple ASPX, which method call does that?

Doesnt a call to BindHTMLFromURL() work with an ASPX page or does it only work with static html?


Tommy can you say more exactly when this feature will be available - we have just bought ASPOSE.PDF specifically to do this job and apparently we cant - so question is how can we get a copy of the component as soon as it can handle this feature?


1. Aspx is not supported in the current version. We are developing this feature and I hope it will be available late this month.

2. As you konw HTML/Aspx is complex. We will first support simple HTML/Aspx which is "like a document". Complex styles will be supported later. Please refer to for HTML tags that are currently supported.


How can we be notified when this is available and can we have an upgrade then for the PDF component just purchased from yourselves that doesnt (currently) do the job?


I will notify you in this post when the feature is available. Please also pay attention to the new release of our products. Certainly you can upgrade to the new version when it is published.

Hello Aspose

Is this feature ready yet?



We have supported aspx in our product but we will publish this feature later. The reason is HTML2PDF feature is not powerful enough so many aspx pages can't be converted correctly. We will improve the HTML2PDF feature and then publish the new feature. We will notify you when we have exact plan to publish the new feature.

Hi, WebInspired.

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We have improved the function.

But the result is not satisfied us.

We would provide and improve the function as soon,

Sorry for bringing inconvenience to you.