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Pdf15 is obsolete in Aspose.Words for .NET 20.6


I have today upgraded my Aspose.Words to 20.6.0 where I noticed the change that PDF15 option is obsolete and PDF17 is introduced.

I welcome the enhancement since Microsoft Office is currently also providing PDF17 rather than PDF15 in its latest Office versions (2016 onwards).

However, I’m wondering if there’s still a possibility to keep PDF15 option, since Office 2010/2013/earlier versions of 2016 are still producing PDF using PDF15. And Microsoft is still maintaining these Office versions.

image.png (1.6 KB)

As Aspose is mimicking Microsoft Office’s behaviour, would it be possible to keep such option so the behaviour in Microsoft Office 2010/2013/earlier version of 2016 can still be replicated by Aspose? Some of the clients are still using old Office versions and would like to keep the PDF version behaviour consistent with their Office versions.



Aspose.Words mimics the behavior of MS Word 2019 when saving document to PDF. The PDF version 1.5 is marked as obsolete and will be removed from the Aspose.Wrods APIs. Could you please share your uses case in which you need PDF version 1.5?

Hi @tahir.manzoor

Thanks for the updates.

Currently it is a more generic question because Microsoft is still supporting the Office versions that are producing v1.5 PDF.


According to Microsoft, the lifecycle of Office 2010 is til Octbober 2020 and for Office 2013 it is November 2023.

I’m wondering if it is too soon to stop supporting such version, since many users are still not using Office 365/2019 and are still using Office 2010/2013 which are still officially actively supported by Microsoft. For them, they would see inconsistencies between the PDF produced by Aspose and Office.

I’m also checking with the team to see the actual use case from the client, if there’s more info I will update here.



Please share the detail of use case in which you want PDF15 option. We will then provide you detail on it. Thanks for your cooperation.


The PDF format is designed to be forward compatible and also have a good backward compatibility (especially for the versions from 1.4 to 1.7). I.e. old PDF 1.0 file can be opened in latest version of the Adobe Reader and PDF 1.7 file can be opened by Acrobat 4. The older software will ignore the newer features and may not be able to display page elements that use them. Particularly PDF 1.7 is a common format, it was ISO-standardized in 2008 (https://www.iso.org/standard/51502.html). The majority of PDF consumer applications handles 1.7 well.

As for Aspose.Words PDF output, it is not like Aspose.Words PDF 1.5 output and Aspose.Words PDF 1.7 output are completely different and incompatible. At the moment Aspose.Words uses only few minor PDF features introduced in 1.6 and 1.7 versions which allows to make Aspose.Words PDF 1.7 output more consistent.

Considering all above we decided not to keep the less consistent PDF 1.5 output and leave only PDF 1.7.