PdfFileEditor.Concatenate and page orientation?


I’m using the Concatenate method of the PdfFileEditor class in Pdf.Kit to create a single merged document from multiple component PDFs, some of which are conversions of MS Office documents (created programatically using Aspose.Pdf), some of which are “original” PDFs. I’ve found that if one or more of the component source documents is in lanscape orientation, this is automatically converted to portrait during the concatenation. Is there any way to preserve a source document’s orientation during the merge process?


Hi NeonSurge,

Please tell us the version of Aspose.Pdf.Kit which produced this error.

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The Pdf.Kit version in my current application build is


Dear NeonSurge,

Sorry for the mistakes made in former reply.

The orientation property of all merged pdf documents is preserved as original during the merge process. I just tested the Concatenate Method and confirm this feature by the result which you can find in attachment.

Could you please provide the resources including pdf document need to be merged and codes that can reproduce the error at kevin.zuo@aspose.com.?

We will analyze all possible reasons which can cause this error and reply to you quickly.


OK, I’ll update the DLL in our application and re-test. If necessary I’ll post example files in here.

Thanks for your help.