Perform Mail Merge on a Nested Merge Field inside Conditional IF Statement in Word Document using Java


I’m evaluating Aspose.Words product and I cannot find how to use if statements with merge field. Can you please give me an example. I’ve tried to write simple if statement in Word document (like { IF { MERGEFIELD show } = true “Show” “Don’t show” } and in my Java code I’ve used document.getMailMerge().execute(keys, values); I’ve put key show and value true, but it seems that Aspose is not processing this if statement. Am I missing something?

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Please see (17.7 KB) and try running the following code:

Document doc = new Document("D:\\temp\\input.docx");
doc.getMailMerge().execute(new String[]{"show"}, new String[]{"true"});"D:\\temp\\awjava-18.2.docx");

Hi Awais,

this example works. Thank you for your help!
Can you please describe the process of creating this IF statement in MS Word? When I open input.docx
file you’ve sent, I cannot edit this field. And if I try to create such field in my template it’s not working as
one you’ve sent.

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Insert following IF field code in first Paragraph by using MS Word:

IF “LEFT” = “true” “Show” “Dont show”

Now insert a real MERGEFIELD in second Paragraph


Right click on IF field and choose Toggle Field Codes. Replace LEFT of IF field with { MERGEFIELD show }.

You can also create and merge such field by using Aspose.Words for Java:

Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// {IF "{MERGEFIELD show}" = "true" "Show" "Dont show"}
Field field = builder.insertField("IF \"", null);
builder.insertField("MERGEFIELD show", null);
builder.write("\" = \"true\" \"Show\" \"Dont show\"");

doc.getMailMerge().execute(new String[]{"show"}, new String[]{"true"});"D:\\temp\\awjava-18.2.docx");

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