Performance issue with Aspose slides

We have been running few performance tests on our product which utilizes aspose Words, PDF, Slides, Mail and Task.
My question is regarding the aspose slides.

In our performance testing we see that the CPU utilization is very low during the ppt to pdf transformations.
Is it expected? Is ppt to pdf more of a memory intensive process compared to CPU intensive?

Adding the screenshots giving the system information.

In our tests we were running 10 threads of aspose at a time with total of around 50 requests.

system.PNG (48.8 KB)

Ankur Vashishtha

Are there thumb rules scenarios where it becomes CPU intensive else it remains a memory intensive process?


Actually, rendering presentation to PDF or thumbnail is one of most resource intensive job performed by API both in terms of memory and computation. Your entire presentation is loaded in DOM (Document Object Model) residing in memory. Apparently, a small (2-3 MB) appearing presentations eats huge memory as they get extracted in memory and populate the data structure of DOM. The amount of memory consumed is directly proportional to number of slides, number of shapes on slides and content inside slide especially multimedia content. So, when rendering is performed (PDF or images export), the entire process takes place in memory and then finally saved to file. Therefore, you get more computation as well as memory requirements and it varies from case to case.

Thanks a lot for the information. You may please go ahead and close this ticket.


Thank you for your understanding.