Performance issues


evaluating Aspose.Pdf we have some problems about performance and document size.
To convert 100 documents of about one page it takes up to 4 minutes and the
size is about twice (70 kb instead of 40 kb) then other conversion tools.
I've read You have planned to make improvements in April, but is there any
difference from the evaluating version and the licenced version ? How much
time does the garbage text gets in the conversion process ? How many bytes ?

Thank You

Claudio Mellina


Dear Claudio,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

There is no difference between evaluating version and the licenced version on both performance and file size. I will make great effort to improve the performance. If you are converting Word document into PDF, maybe the large file size is caused by font embedding. However, Adobe Acrobat can produce smaller PDF file than Aspose.Pdf since it can optimize the file size. I have no plan to optimize the file size currently. If you convert document with many pages you can find the file size difference is not obvious.