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Performances issues


I'm evaluating the Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells.
As I read in the website - the conversion to PDF should be quicker than the eye... But I got an average conversion time of ~3 seconds per file.

I'm attaching my conversion VB code to this post. Can you please advice?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Rotem,

Well, since you are using ASP (COM interoperability), so it 's possible that the process might be a bit slow you know. Anyways we will check it soon.

By the way, could you try to write a wrapper class in .net to call Aspose.Cells API and your asp should only call this wrapper class to see if it enhances the performance a bit.

Thank you.

Hi Rotem,

Could you check which step works slow?There are two steps in converting xls to pdf:

1, Aspose.Cells convert xls file to xml file.

2, Aspose.Pdf loads xml file and save it as pdf file.

And please post your template xls file, we will check it soon.


90% of the time goes to the PDF conversion, while only 10% for the XLS to XML conversion.
See the attached file.

BTW - It happens to all of my XLS files.

Thanks again,


Hi Rotem,

After checking your file with Aspose.Pdf, we find if the table is very large,Aspose.pdf could not conver XML to Pdf quickly. They have worked on this issue.It's a complex work.It will take them 2-3 months to enhance performance of converting large table. Thanks for your patience.

And we(Aspose.cells) are working on reducing the size of the table and the xml file.