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Picture does not keep property relations to columnwidth

I insert 2 pictures in cell(0,0) and 3 pictures in cell(1,0).

Both cells contain text that varies from time to time. The cell therefore is not always the same width so I use autofit on the column.

PROBLEM: The pictures do not keep the same size properties and UpperDeltaX property.

Am I doing something wrong using autofit or is there another property that has to be set in order to make sure the pictures keep the same size and position no matter columnwidth?


Could you use autofit or set column width at first then insert pictures later? Thus the pictures will not distort.

First I add the text using: WorkBookSheet.Cells.Item(RowNumber,ByteColumn).PutValue(Text)
Then: WorkBookSheet.AutoFitColumn(ByteColumn)
Finally: WorkBookSheet.Pictures.Add(RowNumber, ColumnNumber, Image)

It is still the same result.

I’ve sent 2 excel files: width1.xls and width2.xls. As you can see, the spacing between then images are proportional to the width of the cell and so i the size.

Maybe you are able to see what is wrong.

If you have a possible solution to my problem, my company is ready to place an order today. Unfortunately we are on a tight deadline, so I hope to hear from you soon.

Hi David,

The UpperDeltaX property is proportional to the width of the cell. So when you adjust the width of a cell, you will find it also changes.

I will add a property to Picture object. It will force the picture not to move or size with cells.
Will that meet your need?

To be perfectly clear about the property you will add:
If cell.width = 100 and I insert a picture 10 units from the left side of the cell:
If I afterwards sets cell.width = 1000 then picture will still have 10 units from the left side of the cell?

If that is the case, it will be excellent!

Yes, you are right.

Hi Laurence,

Is it possible to say when the new property will be available?

My company has just purchased Aspose.Excel and we are looking forward to applying the final touch concerning the images.


Sure it will be availabe. Can you tell me your expected date for this feature?

Hi Laurence,

We need it as soon as possible. If you are able to give us an estimate, we can plan around it.

We plan to support it before the end of June. Will that meet your need?

That will be too late for ours timeframe.

I represent Danske Bank A/S, largest bank in Denmark and our product will be published at the end of may and will initially be used by several thousand users both nationwide and internationally.

Therefore it is crucial that we have the changes on may 25th 2004 at the latest.

Will that be possible?

Yes. Now I understand your need. I set the timeline to 5/24.

To speed up our progress to this issue. Could you zip your project which create width1.xls and width2.xls in your previous email and send it to me? Thus can greatly help to solve this issue.


And if possible, please send me your template file(if you have) and the image file.


Please download hotfix 1.9.5 and have a try.