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Picture in Header

I have a template with a microsoft picture in the header. I get this error :
“This inline picture type is not yet supported. Please report this file to” when i do the mail merge… (the picture isn’t even a mail merge field)

Hi erin,

Please send your file to and we will implement support for this picture quickly. It must be in some format that we were not able to produce in our tests (there is probably a dozen of ways Word can store pictures in the file).

If you want a workaround you can try pasting the picture in some other way. Select Paste Special and try something different - it might help.

Hi Erin,

Thanks, I’ve received the file and made some small changes to it so it looks exactly the same and Aspose.Word has no problems with it.

The problem could have been caused by either/combination of:
1. Picture was probably .png format.
2. Picture was incide a “frame” and frame is somewhat legace Word feature.
3. After removing picture from the file there was still some picture information left in the file causing a problem - some Word bug probably.

So what I did:
1. Took the picture away into image editing program and saved as .jpg file.
2. Created a completely new Word document with same paper size and margins.
3. Pasted text from the old document into new document (do not paste section mark as it will copy header with image too).
4. Inserted new image from .jpg file into header and that’s it. Now it works okay.