Pictures.Add doesn't update Picture.PictureID property



When adding a picture to the Presentation.Pictures collection, sometimes the Picture.PictureId property never changes to show a value other than 1. I can add several images to the collection, each getting their own ID. Then I add, say, a 9th image and although the Presentation.Pictures collections has a Count=9, the PictureID of the newly added picture still says 1.

There is another post ( where a user discusses the exact same problem at the end of his post. It doesn't look like this issue was resolved.

Can you disable the "feature" of not adding pictures to a collection that match the signature of other pictures? I'm ok with this as an option if it's what's causing the bug.

I'm using version




Probability of getting the same CRC32 for different images is very low.
I think you did something wrong. Please try these lines to add images.

int picid = pres.Pictures.Add(new Picture(pres, “image.jpg”));
Picture pic = pres.Pictures.GetPictureById(picid);

If you have problems with it please provide example of your
presentation, images and code.