Placeholders in Headers or Footers



I am evaluating Aspose Excel as a potential report writer for an app we are creating and have been trying to use markers in the header section of the designer spreadsheet but the replace command doesn’t seem to work on these.

Am I doing something wrong orar markers in the header not supported.



Hi Mike,

Do you use markers in the header section in Page Setup options? If so, it’s not supported.

And please check our smart marker techique at It’s enhancement to placeholders.


I presume I will have to write the header from Aspose.Excel rather than setting them up in the designer spreadsheet then?

What is the sysntax for replacing Smartmarkers for variables?

Also can I use an object collection to replace multiple smart markers in a spreadsheet rather than a data table?



Hi Mike,

1. If you don’t want to change the page setup header option at run time, you can set them in the designer spreadsheet. If you will change them at run time, please use the PageSetup APIs.

2. About replace smart markers for variables, please check

3. About replacing smart markers with an object collection, please check