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Playing Video

Is it possible to do the following with Video;

1. Remove the frame / controls surrounding the inserted video and
2. Start the Video automatically when viewing the slide?

The MS PowerPoint allows you to do this & it is quite powerful:

PowerPoint.Shape oMediaObject = oSlide.Shapes.AddMediaObject(sFile, dblPosWidth, dblPosHeight, dblWidthBG, dblHeightBG);

oMediaObject.LockAspectRatio = MsoTriState.msoFalse;

oMediaObject.AnimationSettings.PlaySettings.PlayOnEntry = MsoTriState.msoTrue;

oMediaObject.AnimationSettings.PlaySettings.RewindMovie = MsoTriState.msoTrue;

Control is the same problem as with OLE objects. It’s not real controls but just image.
You can replace it with any image you like.

It’s possible to start video automatically. You should set correct values for AnimationSettings.
Try to create video frame in MS PowerPoint and check in debugger what values were
saved in AnimationSettings.
After creating new Video frame in Aspose.PowerPoint use the same values.

I am currently experiencing the same problem and have attempted to implement your suggestion but unfortunately this has not solved the issue. The animation settings found in debug mode for a video frame set to start automatically are:

AdvanceMode = AdvanceOnTime

AdvanceTime = 0.0

AfterEffect = Nothing

EntryEffect = Cut

I have applied the above settings to a video frame of my own but yet the video does not auto-play in presentation mode. The problem appears to be that Aspose Slides API does not appear to maintain the equivalent of the 'Start -> With Previous' custom animation effect that is found in MS PowerPoint to automatically play videos upon opening the slide.

Furthermore, not only are the Animation Settings, as above, completely lost when cloning a slide from one presentation to another but any video frame or audio frame object is converted to a picture frame.

Please can you advise as this functionality is critical to our current project?!

Allan Ashton.