Please check this procedura is feasible with Aspose.Excel!


I need to create such a procedure on a windows 2000 server with IIS:
1) A user sends with a web form some data
2) An asp page whith Aspose.excel must read a file on the server, fill some cells with the data received from the form, run a macro inside the Excel file, recalculate all values of the spreadsheet.
Notice that some cells have formulas pointing to other excel files in the same directory, or on in sub-dirs of that dir. The macro uses named ranges, and this cannot be changed: something as Range(“A5:B8”) is forbidden, only Range(“a_range_name”) can be used because of organazational matters.
Once all values have been recalculated, the asp page with Aspose.Excel must read some cells values, which has been just recalculated, and send thise values back to the user.
3) Nothing more, but with standard tools I’m not able to do it - and yet should not be so difficult!

Thank you, when I’m sure Aspose.Exel make all this easier I’m going to buy it the next minute!



Aspose.Excel is a pure dotnet component. So it can easily interact with data from an aspx page(using If your data is from an asp page, then you have to make a COM callable wrapper for Aspose.Excel.

Aspose.Excel can read data from different Excel files but it cannot run macros. Macros can be only run when you use MS Excel to open an Excel file. And now Aspose.Excel cannot calculate formulas pointing to other excel files.

Since your file is not directly viewed by the end users, I think you can combine the data and formulas in one file, manually or using Aspose.Excel. Aspose.Excel can accept data from front aspx pages and import them to Excel files, recalculate the data and send back to the user.

I can write a sample for you if you can supply some specific information about your procedure.