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Please help with evaluation version


I am extremely interested in your aspose.excel product.

Can you help with the evaluation download.

I have my spreadsheet.

A downloaded xml file

and a downloaded dll file

I am looking at the three files and nothing is happening.

Can you plaese tell me what do I do now.

Are there any instructions I can read etc




I tried again and realised I previously just
downloaded the zip file.

I should've downloaded the msi file.

Now also downloading .net

Will get back to you with the progress.




I've now downloaded and installed .net and aspose.excel.msi

There is now an entry under start; programs for aspose.excel
however there doesn't seem to be any actual program there.
There is a .xml file a .dll file and some folders including bin
and demos.

Please can you tell me what my next step is?

I have read the getting started and programmers guide
there doesnt seem to be anything about importing files.

Do I have to license soemthing or,.. I am not sure what.

I have some downloaded files on my computer but not sure
what to do next.

Probably something very simple.



Hi Glenn,

Aspose.Excel installation msi includes demos. Please choose "Aspose.Excel"->"Feature Demos".

To use Aspose.Excel in your program, please add reference to Aspose.Excel.dll in your project. Then you can use the sample code. You can check the attached screenshot.

Hi Laurence,

Thanks for your reply.

I click on start - programs - aspose.excel - featuredemos

Internet explorer opens up and there is reference to
"page cannot be found"

Which "program" are you referring to and what and how do I start a project?

I had a look at the screenshot.

I didn't recognise the program in the screenshot the closest I've
seen is Alt F11 in excel the vba editor.

I assume the screenshot is something to do with .net.

Is it the aspose.excel program?

I dont seem to have this or I cant recognise it.

How can I get my program working so I can add a reference?

Thanks for your patience.



Hi Glenn,

Aspose.Excel is a dotnet component so you should use it in .net environment. It has nothing to do with Excel VBA.

Do you use Win2000, WinXP or Win2003? When you install Aspose.Excel, it will create a virtual directory "Aspose.Excel.Demos" in your IIS. And in http://localhost/Aspose.Excel.Demos , you can see the demos that are same as .

Hi Laurence,

I assumed it had nothing to do with VBA in excel but that was just the closest I had seen before ... to your screenshot.

I use WIN 2000 on this computer.

What is my IIS?

I click on Start - Programs - Aspose.Excel - Feature Demos
and intenet explorer opens up with an address of
but it comes up with page not found

What should I check next?



Please check :

1. Is there a vitrual directory named "Aspose.Excel.Demos" which points to your setup path? Generally, the path is "C:\Program Files\Aspose\Aspose.Excel\Demos\Aspose.Excel.Demos".

2. Is the default port of your IIS 80? If it not 80 but others, such as 8080, please type the following url in your IE: http://localhost:8080/Aspose.Excel.Demos .

Hi Laurence,

Not sure how to check for a virtual directory or what IIS is but

typed in http://localhost:8080/Aspose.Excel.Demos
into internet explorer and brought up

page cannot be displayed

previously it was page cannot be found.

Am I missing something that it needs to display the demos?

I dont know how to check for a virtual directory but I typed
inthe url you suggested
into internet explorer and came up
page cannot be displayed.

What should I do next?



1. Which path is Aspose.Excel installed to?

2. To check you IIS settings, please choose Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Internet Information Server.

Hi Laurence,

I have the demos in IE now

I didn't have a space between program and files.

I can see all the files but nothing happens when I click on them
.. well ... I am asked which program to use to open them with

I went to control panel to check IIS

under Administrative tools I have

Component Services
Computer Management
Data Sources (ODBC)
Event Viewer
Local Security Policy
Microsoft Net 1.1 Framework Configuration
Microsoft Net 1.1 Framework Wizards
Server Extensions Administrator
Telnet Server Administration

but nothing called internet information server

would it be any of the above?

What do you suggest as the next step

Thanks again,


Hi Glenn,

Do you use a Win2000 professional? I think you didn't installe IIS in your machine. Aspose.Excel demos are demos so IIS should be installed.

Please install IIS in your machine.

Or you can download the winform demos at .

After you download the winform demo, please use to build it first.

Thanks Laurence,

I dont have 2000 professional it just says windows 2000 5.00.2195 ServicePack 4

I will dowload the winforms.

Could you point me in the direction oto find out what is and hopefully some info on how to build it?

Thanks again,


Hi Glenn, is visual It's an IDE to compile, build and debug .net programs. How do you build .net programs now?

Hi Laurence,

Qutie simply I don't build .net programs now.

I have built a program in excel and I am interested in the speed and security of .net.

Someone suggested to rewrite the program in access then convert it to excel.

I tried access but it was taking too long to learn everything.

I then came across this site and it seemed to be a link between excel and .net.

I looked at the aspose website for about two days but couldn't work out quite what the aspose.excel product did, so I took the plunge and I am now taking it step by step. I am still not sure what will happen but I want to find out.

Doesn't cost $1,000 dollars or something?

If this is the case is there a cheaper alternative, just to see what aspose.excel will do with the excel workbook/s.

Was aspose.excel built to be used by .net programmers?

Can one convert an excel workbook into a standalone .net program that can be run on someone elses desktop.

Is it easier to use your Java product or the .net product.

What are your thoughts on the above?

Is the framework any use?

Is this any good?



Hi Glenn,

1. You can view our online demos at .

2. Aspose.Excel is not a standalone program. It's a component which is called by your applications.

3. Aspose.Excel for .Net is for .NET programmers and Aspose.Excel for Java is for Java programmers.

4. Please contact Microsoft or its vendors for price of There are some free tools to build .NET programs. Please search them on the internet.

5. To make a standalone application, you should write a console or winform applicaton to call Aspose.Excel.

6. Aspose.Excel for .NET and Aspose.Excel for Java are all easy to use. DotNet version has more features because we developed it for about 4 years and we just developed Java version at the start of this April.

7. To use Aspose.Excel for .NET, .NET framework is a must.